"Music to Celebrate with"

  1. Solo Instrument:
    Your Choice of Violin, Piano, Flute, Bag Pipes, Trumpet, etc.
  2. Trupeter's Delight:
    2 Trumpets playing for your Processional and Recessional
    Excellent for Outdoor Services
  3. Most Common:
    Trumpet, Piano, Vocalist and a Violin/Flute
  4. Classical Octet:
    8 musicians
    String quartet with flute, trumpet, piano and vocalist
    Prelude, Procressional, Service Music and Recessional

Cocktail Hour

"East listening music for a smooth transition"

  1. Solo Instrument:
    Your Choice of Violin, Piano, Harp, Flute, etc.
    Choice of classical or jazz
  2. Classical Quartet:
    4 musicians string trio with flute
  3. Jazz Standards:
    Played by a Jazz Trio (vocalist also available)


Trumpet and piano for your Cocktail Hour and Service

Wedding Reception, Party, or Outdoor Concert

"Music suitable for that one special day"

  1. Ted Collins Band:
    8 peice band with vocalist specalizing with Dance Music, Rhythm and Blues. Swing, Funk, Standards
    4 hours of Music
  2. Ted Collins Swing Band:
    8 to 10 peice
    Great for large functions, outdoors or indoors, ballroom or Swing dancing