"Rhode Island trumpeter flawless"

Stephen Krasner
The Providence Journal

"Ted Collins plays with heart and soul."

Laurie White, President
Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce

"On behalf of all the sailors, marines and aircrew who served aboard the two aircraft carries named Saratoa, and all of these who wish to honor former ballplayers who served their country, we thank you again for your contribution on our behalf. Many peopleremarked favorably about you stirring rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Your generosity helped gross more than $50,000 tword the cost of restoring the Ted Williams airplane and the establishment of a satelite of the Ted Williams Museum here in Rhode Island."

Frank Lennon, President
USS Saratoa Museum Founcation, Inc.

"Ted Collins and his wonderful musical ability added festive sophistication to the ceremonies in the Viking Kay Chapel."

Goretti Eonus, Hotel Catering Manager
Viking hotel, Newport, RI

"The truth is, I would not have this gig and others without you. To this day, I speak of my high school Jazz band with pride and reverence. what great music we made together!
....I remember wanting to know how it was all put together, how harmony worked, and how to improvise. I'm not sure if you quite realize what a monster you helped create!"

Former Highschool student
Currently playing base guitar,
on tour with actress and recording artist, Hillary Duff.